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The Church of Scientology™ rewrites its history of Mark Foley

by Wes Fager , 10-06-06

Growing Together's various programs for educational information about abuse, residential treatment for its clients, family support system and community outreach to targeted potential abusers have been very effective in helping to combat and deal with drug abuse. Republican Congressman Mark Foley, Fl., from a Growing Together brochure.

[Photo. Top shows Nikolai Yezhov, an NKVD leader, walking with Joseph Stalin. After Stalin had Yezhov killed in 1940 he had Yezhov edited out as shown in the bottom photo.]

On May 24, 2003 the Clearwater Business Association, a Scientology™ front-group, held a brunch for then Congressman Mark Foley at Scientology™'s Flag Headquarters (the church's naval headquarters in Clearwater, Florida). The event was covered in a publication of Scientology's Flag Service Organization in an article that sports a photo of Foley and Florida Republican State Committee woman Nancy Riley receiving leather-bound books, including Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health, written by church founder L. Ron Hubbard. Diantetics defines "homosexuality" as a "sexual perversion." When the Foley scandal broke Internet reporters like Wonkette and theStraights immediately linked to the FSO photo article on Foley. But if you go to that publication today the Foley article has been deleted! It is as if the brunch never occurred. How can Scientology™ just rewrite history like that? What other history has the church changed? Fortunately, we at theStraights have located a copy of the original manuscript on the Wayback Machine. See:

Creative Loafing's Wayne Garcia recalls seeing Foley at a Scientology™ gala at Scientology™'s Celebrity Centre in Hollywood in 2001 or 2002. That accounting would make Mark Foley not the only male visitor at the church's retreat for Hollywood stars who has been accused of being gay. Credible stories abound that Scientologists™ John Travolta and Tom Cruise are gay. Stories also abound that the church does not want you to know these stories. By Scientology™ attempting to rewrite its association with an accused pedophile Scientology™ only seems to add fuel to its critics fires that Scientology™ hides facts about its superstars. But then Scientology™ has a reputation for doctoring history as Arnie Lerma shows in Scientology™'s photo of the headless man. Mr. Lerma's discovery of Scientology™'s deception is so bizarre and telling that it made it to The Washington Post. Look at the photo pair of Joseph Stalling above. There is a famous photo pair of L. Ron Hubbard with someone rubbed out forever on Operation Clambake.
Mark Foley had been co-chair of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus. He once wrote to Charlie Crist and Jeb Bush to close down a nudist beach in Pasco County Florida because 11 year old children participated. He ran on a ticket to protect children from sexual abuse and introduced legislation to stop child porn.

Click here for a sad, yet frightening sight.

Growing Together is a second generation Straight which operated, until recently, in Lake Worth, Florida. In 1990 Florida state health officials claimed that GT turned its patients into "virtual prisoners" while Florida Judge Michael Gerstein said of a girl's treatment in it "smacks of abuse." [Sun Sentinel, 3-9-90]. Yet Mark Foley endorsed it. There have been patient riots at GT just as there were at Straight. Yet Mark Foley endorsed it. In 1997 theStraights published a police report about the sexual assault of a boy at a Growing Together host home. Two boys restrained a third as a fourth tried to put his cock in the teenager's mouth. But the boy resisted. One boy masturbated in his hair. Yet Congressman Foley continued to endorse the program. In 2004 News Times did an expose on Growing Together, yet Mark Foley did not remove his endorsement. Republican Congressman Foley is a bachelor like Florida's gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist. Both have been publicly questioned as to their sexual orientation.

In 1999 Foley joined with fellow Republican Congressmen Benjamin Gilman and Matt Salmon, and Republican Senator Mike Enzi to denounce the German government for its position on Scientology™. The German government considers Scientology™ to be a business, the same way the IRS had done in the US for years. And why not, the name Scientology™ itself is trademarked. See Freedom Magazine (a Scientology™ magazine) photo of Rep. Gilman with a bevy of Scientologists™. See Freedom photo of Congressman Salmon, as a member of the Helsinki Commission, with fellow Republican Congressmen Joe Scarborough (Florida) and Bob Ney, and Congresswoman Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee. In 1997 the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (AKA the Helsinki Commission) then co-chaired by Republican Senator Alfonse D'Amato and Republican Congressman Christopher H. Smith tried to pass a law denouncing the German government for trying to make the Church of Scientology™ pay taxes like other corporations do. Congressman Salmon also introduced Aimee's law--no second chance for Child Molesters.

Now there is speculation that Foley is in Narconon™, the drug rehab program affiliated with the Church of Scientology™. This suspicion is based on the fact that the FAX Foley sent out to announce he was in a drug rehab originated from Clearwater, Fl.Related stories:

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