Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gabe Cazares dead

They [Scientology™] have become a politically fascist organization. Former Clearwater, Florida Democratic Mayor Gabe Cazares

09-26-06 Former Democratic mayor of Clearwater, Fl. and long-time Scientology™ critic Gabe Cazares has passed. I spoke to this great General a few months ago. Surprisingly, one of the people we discussed was Judge Walt Logan. Attorney Walt Logan once defended Gabe in a legal battle with Scientology™. Gabe liked Logan. We carried what we believe to be Gabe's last article on Scientology™. Here it is again, SCIENTOLOGISTS EXPAND US AND INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS - The imminent dedication of a multi-million dollar castle in Clearwater, Florida will make this the top Scientology city in the world. We love you Gabe and the world's gona' miss you.

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