Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gabe Cazares dead

They [Scientology™] have become a politically fascist organization. Former Clearwater, Florida Democratic Mayor Gabe Cazares

09-26-06 Former Democratic mayor of Clearwater, Fl. and long-time Scientology™ critic Gabe Cazares has passed. I spoke to this great General a few months ago. Surprisingly, one of the people we discussed was Judge Walt Logan. Attorney Walt Logan once defended Gabe in a legal battle with Scientology™. Gabe liked Logan. We carried what we believe to be Gabe's last article on Scientology™. Here it is again, SCIENTOLOGISTS EXPAND US AND INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS - The imminent dedication of a multi-million dollar castle in Clearwater, Florida will make this the top Scientology city in the world. We love you Gabe and the world's gona' miss you.


If David Miscaviage can go to his deposition as Admiral Faragut, then Keith Henson can go to his as Bozo the Clown. Wes Fager